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As a social-justice-based production company comprised of a group of students passionate about enacting societal change in Brazil, we have closely worked with our collaborators to bring about sustainable modes of cultural preservation to amplify dynamic stories.

Rejand and Raquel Hero Shot at Festival.heic

Art of Resistance

Foundational School

We developed a strong relationship with the leader of Quilombo Quingoma, Rejane Rodrigues, who demonstrates a strong embodiment of cultural preservation. Within the walls of her community, Rejane and other members of Quingoma strive to educate their youth through a homegrown initiative, Fincando Raizes do Quilombo Quingoma (Planting the Roots of Quingoma). Their learning is rooted in their heritage and culture, traditions passed through each generation as a form of survival. Quilombo Quingoma strives for the youth to be educated by the Quingoma people so that they may control the narrative of their people. Rejane has dedicated her life to safeguarding both her territory and people against the government to ensure their harmonious future together. 


We want to support Rejane through helping her establish a foundational school for the Quilombo children called Escola Quingoma. This school will be run by Quingoma for the Quingoma youth. Our efforts in collecting funds and donations will contribute towards the school's foundation. Escola Quingoma will continue the empowerment of Rejane, the community, and the youth as well as ensuring that the deep-rooted culture of Quingoma remain strong, fortified and resilient for generations to come. 

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Mestre Guga

Book Drive

Capoeira is an Afro-martial arts inspired dance that pays homage to enslaved Africans brought to Brazil. Although Mestre Guga serves as a capoeira instructor, he embodies much more within in community. His love and care for his students transcends capoeira, as he dedicates his life to ensure that they have a safe space to learn and have fun. 


Poverty runs rampant in Itapuã, Guga’s favela, which creates a lack of educational opportunities for the children. However, Guga aims to counteract the barrier of poverty by highlighting the importance of youth education. Our mission is to support Guga's dream of educating his students upon the importance of the Afro-Brazilian culture. He hopes that the creation of an academic outlet within his studio may equip each new generation with a strong sense of knowledge and power. We are sponsoring a book drive that will provide the youth of Itapuã with educational readings about Afro-Brazilian culture.

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